August 7-9, 2020 under discussion

Marathon Meetings

(Grand Ballroom – Rio Verde Room)

These AA meetings are held through out the weekend.

They will being at noon on Friday August 9th and continue until 10 am on Sunday August 11th.

These meetings are hosted by Home Groups. There will be a speaker for the first 15 minutes and then people will share on the topic.

No Registration is needed for Marathon Meetings.


There is parking at the DoubleTree around the property.

We will have golf carts throughout the weekend. They will be circling the property to pick you up and take you to hospitality or the conference center.

If needed, overflow parking will be across the street at the First Southern Baptist Church 5230 N Scottsdale Rd, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253. PLEASE USE CROSSWALK at Vista Dr. They will pick you up at the corner of the hotel property to take you to the conference center or hospitality.


Hospitality Suite

We will be accepting donations of water and soda.

Home Groups will be supplying food in our special Hospitality Suite. It is located in the Presidential Suite at the south end of the property.We need lots of food before and after the Friday and Saturday night speakers. Contact Adrian B. to sign-up 602-739-5248.


We will have our own pool for the weekend. The Turquesa Pool has been designated for us. This is at the south end of the property.

Saturday from noon to 3pm we will have live music.

Pool hours TBD.

Big Book Workshop

(Rattlers Conference Room)

The Big Book Workshop is a workshop where we take you through the 12 Steps. There are 4 separate sessions. Session 1 is dedicated to Step 1. Session 2 is Steps 2-3-4-5. Session 3 is Steps 6-7-8-9. Session 4 will conclude with Steps 10-11-12. Each session lasts 1.5 hours on average. Participants are asked to bring a Big Book and a willingness to have a new experience. It’s a great opportunity for a newcomer to quickly get through their Steps or anyone just looking to go through they’re Steps again. So, bring your Big Book, bring your sponsee and bring yourself.

AA Panels

We will be having panel discussions on Saturday. Topics to be determined

Grand Ballroom SAN CARLOS Room
SAT  9:00 – 9:45 AM Overcoming Tragedy in Sobriety
SAT  10:00 – 10:45 AM Understanding your SRI Steering Committee, central office, intergroup
SAT 11:00 – 11:45 PM Spiritually Fit – The benefits of Yoga in your Recovery
SAT  12:00 – 12:45 PM Living and Loving life as a young person in AA
SAT  1:00 – 1:45 PM What’s happening to AA as a whole
SAT 2:00 – 2:45 PM Parenting in Sobriety
SAT  3:00 – 3:45 PM Service Based Recovery
SAT  4:00 – 4:45 PM Mental Health and Recovery; navigating the waters of co-occurring disorders
SAT  5:00 – 5:45 PM Armed Forces; continuing to be of service


Main Speakers

on Friday Night at 7:00 pm. Rosie T. from CA

on Saturday Night at 7:30 pm following the Sobriety Countdown – Paul M. NY

Registration is needed for all Speaker Meetings. Wear your badge to get into the meeting room.


Comedy night is Saturday at 9:45 pm after the Raffle.

Registration is required. Wear your badge to get into the show.


Terry Stokes – For more than two decades, TERRY STOKES, JR. has traveled the globe performing to sold-out and capacity crowds. Along the way he has become one of the most talked about and sought after entertainers in the industry.Terry is a second generation performer who takes pride in following in his father’s footstep, The legendary hypnotist Terry Stokes. Terry Jr. carries on his fathers love of the stage, the audience, and craft while developing his own unique modern day version of the classic vaudeville entertainer.Terry’s show, “Hypnolarious” has become the standard by which all other shows are judged.

Friday Game or Meditation Night

This will begin at 9:30 pm after the Speaker Meeting.

You can enjoy Bingo in the Rattlers Conference Room – $10 per card.

Singing Bowl Meditation in the San Carlos Room.

Board games in the Presidential Suite.

Registration is required. Wear your badge to get into the room.



2020 A.A. International Convention in Detroit

The 2020 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous will be held July 2–5, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan with the theme “Love and Tolerance is our Code.” A.A. members and guests from around the world will celebrate A.A.’s 85th year at this event with big meetings held Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning in the Ford Field Stadium. Other meetings, scheduled or informal, will take place throughout the weekend in the COBO Center in downtown Detroit.

Round trip Airfare for 2, Hotel and Registration.

Other great prizes will also be raffled off on Saturday night
after the Speaker Meeting. Get your tickets NOW!!
You need NOT be present to win.

Friday night there is a 50/50 raffle drawing following the Speaker Meeting.


Start your day off with a guided meditation at 7:30 am. Prescott Room

There will also be a singing bowl meditation on Friday night after the speaker. This will be in the San Carlos Room.


(Sonoro Room)

The Al-Anon Family Groups will hold their own meetings during the Roundup. Check the schedule for times and locations.

Al-Anon and/or family members must register to attend any SRI Summer Roundup events that require a registration badge.